The Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Small Business Site

It is exciting when you begin to consistently see your email notify you of new product orders, or new contact form messages requesting your services. You have probably crossed that line where you are more concerned with delegating out work, and being efficient with your time, rather than trying to continue doing every small tidbit yourself. And now you ask, “What is the best way to speed up and secure my WordPress website, and delegate the maintenance of it, at an affordable price?”.

The answer to that question is “Managed WordPress Hosting”. Important features you want with premium WordPress hosts is:

  • Daily automatic backups of you entire site
  • Easy migration plugin assistance
  • Free SSL (https://) certificates
  • Live chat and email support for when problems occur
  • Fast servers and server side caching

You will want to start looking for WordPress hosting companies that advertise and offer “managed WordPress hosting”. From all the hosting companies that I have used (and I have used many), the best companies that offer managed WordPress hosting are WP Engine, Liquid Web, and Bluehost. And I would rank them in that order, although it is a very close tie with WP Engine and Liquid Web. WP Engine has an excellent and stable platform, along with world class support. Liquid Web has a new platform that is very easy to use, and also has very good support. Bluehost is a little bit cheaper, and their support is not as good as the former mentioned. But the hardware that would run your website would be very good. Many of these managed WordPress plans start from anywhere from $30 to $70 per month, and go up from there as you need more space, power, and bandwidth.

Another option you have is to look for third party WordPress companies like us who already subscribe to these powerful managed WordPress servers in bulk, and offer a hosting slot for a fraction of the price. We here at Web Plant Media subscribe to Premium accounts with both WP Engine and Liquid Web, and offer hosting slots to clients starting at $20 / month / WordPress site.

The biggest benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that you can spend all your time focusing on managing content through your dashboard, and WordPress experts will ensure your site is fully secured and  running at maximum speed.

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