The Best Setup For Your Self Hosted WordPress Shopping Site and Blog

I have become a WordPress expert through my years and passion of building websites, writing WordPress plugins and themes, hosting large numbers of WordPress sites, and answering thousands of WordPress related support questions. Given my experience, I want to set you on the best course possible, so you can have the best experience possible when starting your WordPress website, and avoid common pitfalls and frustrating experiences that can happen to new users. So let’s begin… First, there are two different […]

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I have had many customers buy a theme, only to find out that their account did not allow for premium themes to be uploaded to their dashboard. The difference between a website and a self hosted website is that is owned and hosted by Automattic. The company Automattic are the authors of the free and open source content management system named WordPress. They write and maintain an amazing piece of software, and give it away for […]

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The Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Small Business Site

It is exciting when you begin to consistently see your email notify you of new product orders, or new contact form messages requesting your services. You have probably crossed that line where you are more concerned with delegating out work, and being efficient with your time, rather than trying to continue doing every small tidbit yourself. And now you ask, “What is the best way to speed up and secure my WordPress website, and delegate the maintenance of it, at […]

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