My name is Chris, and I have spent the last decade working professionally with WordPress. I am a Computer Science graduate specializing in website development, content publishing through WordPress, graphic designing, branding, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, ebook publishing, and print. We live in a most interesting time now, where anyone with an internet connection can serve the world with their skill, product, or expertise. Much of this is possible because of self-publishing software like WordPress and plugins like WooCommerce and Jetpack. These tools make it so easy and cost effective to launch a brand and sell to the world. I have dedicated my skills and expertise to make it as easy as possible for you to set up your own WordPress website, establish a good web foundation, and effectively communicate to your target audience using social media, web technologies, and print. Hopefully, with the right guidance and a good web foundation, you will be able to serve the world with your products, services, and knowledge.

Do you have a product, service, or expert knowledge that you want to serve the world with? Make a business out of it, and enjoy your work.

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If you are a business that needs top quality web development and marketing services for your company, then contact Web Plant Media, LLC. I have assembled a talented team that can handle your web and marketing needs, helping to increase your company exposure and customer base, which will help you increase your business sales. Let us handle you web presence, and you can focus on your area of expertise.

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Due to our growth, we are looking for extremely talented graphic theme designers, WordPress theme developers, and WordPress support experts, to join our team. If you are interested in helping us design beautiful themes, write great code, and helping clients have a great experience using WordPress, then please write to us at chat [at] webplantmedia [dot] com.