We have established a solid coding foundation and have immense experience in web developing. This enables us to work very quickly and to give you the best advice for achieving your web goals.

Web Development Process


You Buy Your Domain

We recommend buying through Hover. They are the best for domains and will not trick you into buying features you don’t need. Use BlueHost if you want to save a few dollars on your domain. We will log in and configure the settings for you.


We Buy Your Domain

We will buy & manage your domain and make sure it never expires.

$0 – for Custom Plans and Efficient Plans only


You Host Your Website

We recommend hosting with BlueHost. They are ideal for small scale websites, small businesses, and bloggers. If you have a website you expect to receive heavy traffic, we suggest hosting with Rackspace. Once you have your hosting set up, we will configure & install WordPress for you.


We Host Your Website

We will host your website and email through Rackspace’s amazingly fast servers. It’s the best hosting service money can buy.

$0 – for Custom Plans and Efficient Plans only


Do-it-Yourself Plan

If you have the time and the motivation, you can get your own website running all by yourself. There are designers and developers all around the world who sell Premium WordPress Themes ($10,000 in value). You can buy one of these well designed themes for about $50. We can offer our expert advice from configuring your host to customizing your theme.


Efficient Plan

You need a website, you are busy, and you don’t want to pay the high price for a custom design. We will install a Premium WordPress Theme ($10,000 in value), insert all your content & media, and provide minor style tweaks. We will actively maintain and update your WordPress website to ensure it looks great in all browsers and is secure.

$1000 + $50/month

Custom Plan

We will install our amazing Starter WordPress Theme and immediately begin designing a unique website that perfectly suits your business. We will actively maintain and update your WordPress website to ensure it looks great in all browsers and is secure. You will need to call us for an estimate.

$70/hour + $50/month


Your Website